Hi. I am Lydia, happy owner of Eerie Silence. Here's a little about me.

I absolutely love God, life, music, food and the camera, but really the people that are involved in my life. This is my personal photo journal in which I want you to feel. With entries that are heart felt. The ones that draw more than just my memory back at a moment. My goal is to create an environment where this is possible.

For me there is something fulfilling about taking photographs and falling completely in love with it and the memories it creates. With that being said, photography is crazy important to me, and if for you too, then we're totally going to be a great fit!

AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF
Nikon D750 w/ 24-120mm Lens

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I'm hooked on all these feelings
I know exactly what I'm feeling
This love asylum, like an island, just me and you
Spent the night, you got me high, O what did you do?

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People are obsessed with time. Their constant need to count it and cut it into pieces offers them the illusion of controlling it. However time cannot be trapped in years not even seconds. This may be an odd prologue for a post that features birthday photos yet it is totally relevant. I've turned 28 this week. Everyone celebrates all those years they've been around but I perceive this in a different way. You see, it is truly impossible to recall last year let alone all of them. Surely you remember bits and pieces but all this time is not something you possess. What we truly possess though is moments, happy or sad, intense or calm, life defining or not. Moments may be vague and fleeting but they are ours. This is what time is after all, a weird and beautiful mosaic of moments. Think it through and you'll understand that all the candles in your cake symbolize moments above anything else. The first day at school, the best vacations with your family, your first kiss, the loss of a loved one, that time you met the love of your life, the moment you saw a positive pregnancy test and your first glance at your newborns soon afterwards, the day they said your name. It's all there on the top of your cake. So here I am with my beloved family, celebrating one more happy candle in my cake. My only birthday wish is to keep being next to each other, sharing love that makes those candles matter. ck.

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 Happy Birthday My Dearest Boy
I can't believe it! It's Esteban's birthday yay! I always make sure to bake him a cake. It's become a tradition. Every single birthday so far I've successfully baked him a cake! This year's cake was a 3 layer Oreo cake. I made a simple white cake with crushed Oreos. I also handmade a delicious buttermilk frosting with Oreo pieces as well. The first thing he did when he walked in the house was cut himself a piece of it and he loved it :)

Ever since the arrival of Skyler we have been missing on a successful family photo. We tried that today and well, it isn't the best but we are all in it! It had also been so long since we had taken couple photos so I wanted to try to do that today like really bad. They're ok I guess :) I am just so happy today, so I am typing this on my computer with Raiden by my side as she watches Hatsune Miku videos upon requesting them. Big fan! Before this we had dinner and also sang happy birthday to our dear Superman.

Here's to many more birthdays! May God bless you today, tomorrow and always. May you achieve many more goals and me being able to help you achieve those my dearest boy. Te amo!!

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 A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That
I've never been good at blogging ever since getting my own domain at least. I probably say something of that sort every once in a while. Blegh. But I have a good reasons for not updating as much these past few months. The fact that my youngest is six months super close to seven and my last update was when she was 2 months says a lot, ha! We moved to an amazing lovely home. A housee! Where our kids have their own room. My partner and I have all the extra space we always wanted and we get to enjoy our family time as we always dreamed. It took a few days to organize things and a lot of my personal belongings where put away and simply I got too comfortable. I've been thinking of ways to revamp Eerie Silence and I am not 100% sure how to start. Like from scratch? Leave the older posts? Share personal things? Not personal things? IDK. I'll figure it out. I hope.

Life's great to us thanks to God... but then there's that low point. I lost a friend recently and I've been mourning a lot. Still trying to see the light of things of course, I have my husband and kids to see that every single day but the pain is constantly there. It will get better. It comforts me to know I am not alone, I am not mourning alone. We shared a mutual friend who knew Jean to a much more personal level than I did and she seems to be so much stronger than me. And she inspires me and reminds me that our friend is no longer hurting, but it is having a much better time now. I have never been good with this since my father died. It's the reason I can't have pets, it's the reason I tell those around me often I love them and I enjoy, appreciate, indulge all they give me, all they do for me. But this friend I lost, Jean, has thought me to appreciate everyone much more. Even those who don't necessarily share same interests, to see beyond ones feelings, goals, to express myself fondly, deeper, to leave something beautiful behind to be remembered by. Even so, Jean continues on to inspire me. I will always love you. I have read everything you ever wrote to me, I have read your last message to me and my family over and over again and I thank God for reaching to my heart and me sending you what would become my last message to you. I am so happy I was able to tell you those last beautiful words without knowing they would be my last. Knowing they made you so happy puts my soul at ease. Rest easy my sweet friend.

I am sharing these sort of old photos, maybe about a year old, I took a few months before becoming pregnant for the second time. I always loved these type of personal portraits but I never think highly of my results. Regardless I thought they would express something deep just today. So I am sharing those now. I am not sure when I will be back to blogging, or to make a blog revamp, maybe after this I'll reach to some of my talented friends who are much better than me at blogging and photography to discuss ideas and stuff.

Lydia xx

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