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I absolutely love God, life, music, food and the camera, but really the people that are involved in my life. This is my personal photo journal in which I want you to feel. With entries that are heart felt. The ones that draw more than just my memory back at a moment. My goal is to create an environment where this is possible.

For me there is something fulfilling about taking photographs and falling completely in love with it and the memories it creates. With that being said, photography is crazy important to me, and if for you too, then we're totally going to be a great fit!

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 Happy Birthday My Dearest Boy
I can't believe it! It's Esteban's birthday yay! I always make sure to bake him a cake. It's become a tradition. Every single birthday so far I've successfully baked him a cake! This year's cake was a 3 layer Oreo cake. I made a simple white cake with crushed Oreos. I also handmade a delicious buttermilk frosting with Oreo pieces as well. The first thing he did when he walked in the house was cut himself a piece of it and he loved it :)

Ever since the arrival of Skyler we have been missing on a successful family photo. We tried that today and well, it isn't the best but we are all in it! It had also been so long since we had taken couple photos so I wanted to try to do that today like really bad. They're ok I guess :) I am just so happy today, so I am typing this on my computer with Raiden by my side as she watches Hatsune Miku videos upon requesting them. Big fan! Before this we had dinner and also sang happy birthday to our dear Superman.

Here's to many more birthdays! May God bless you today, tomorrow and always. May you achieve many more goals and me being able to help you achieve those my dearest boy. Te amo!!

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 A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That
I've never been good at blogging ever since getting my own domain at least. I probably say something of that sort every once in a while. Blegh. But I have a good reasons for not updating as much these past few months. The fact that my youngest is six months super close to seven and my last update was when she was 2 months says a lot, ha! We moved to an amazing lovely home. A housee! Where our kids have their own room. My partner and I have all the extra space we always wanted and we get to enjoy our family time as we always dreamed. It took a few days to organize things and a lot of my personal belongings where put away and simply I got too comfortable. I've been thinking of ways to revamp Eerie Silence and I am not 100% sure how to start. Like from scratch? Leave the older posts? Share personal things? Not personal things? IDK. I'll figure it out. I hope.

Life's great to us thanks to God... but then there's that low point. I lost a friend recently and I've been mourning a lot. Still trying to see the light of things of course, I have my husband and kids to see that every single day but the pain is constantly there. It will get better. It comforts me to know I am not alone, I am not mourning alone. We shared a mutual friend who knew Jean to a much more personal level than I did and she seems to be so much stronger than me. And she inspires me and reminds me that our friend is no longer hurting, but it is having a much better time now. I have never been good with this since my father died. It's the reason I can't have pets, it's the reason I tell those around me often I love them and I enjoy, appreciate, indulge all they give me, all they do for me. But this friend I lost, Jean, has thought me to appreciate everyone much more. Even those who don't necessarily share same interests, to see beyond ones feelings, goals, to express myself fondly, deeper, to leave something beautiful behind to be remembered by. Even so, Jean continues on to inspire me. I will always love you. I have read everything you ever wrote to me, I have read your last message to me and my family over and over again and I thank God for reaching to my heart and me sending you what would become my last message to you. I am so happy I was able to tell you those last beautiful words without knowing they would be my last. Knowing they made you so happy puts my soul at ease. Rest easy my sweet friend.

I am sharing these sort of old photos, maybe about a year old, I took a few months before becoming pregnant for the second time. I always loved these type of personal portraits but I never think highly of my results. Regardless I thought they would express something deep just today. So I am sharing those now. I am not sure when I will be back to blogging, or to make a blog revamp, maybe after this I'll reach to some of my talented friends who are much better than me at blogging and photography to discuss ideas and stuff.

Lydia xx

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I know I haven't properly introduced the newest member of our little family, as I did with our eldest but this little cutie has made me feel a lot more reserved about her arrival. I can't explain it but I guess with each pregnancy comes different feelings and when I tell you Skyler made me reserved I truly mean it. Unlike with my first pregnancy, I didn't take belly photos, or have posted a lot of Skyler yet. I could feel a bit down by it but it was a feeling that couldn't be fought. This is my once in a blue moon post by the way. I guess I can say a bit about this pregnancy and my light, Skyler...

Skyler was born on February 3rd, 2017 at 2:33am.  This pregnancy was nothing like my first. I'll be completely honest about it. First, I got the worst morning sickness ever! And it wasn't only morning. I would feel sick for most of the day. I hated to cook. I mean all from breakfast, dinner, snacks? EVERYTHING! I would feel like throwing my insides out. It lasted a few months. Secondly, I had so many freaking cravings that lasted the whole nine months! Third, my belly grew immensely! It was crazy to look at it and believe it was a real thing. Oh and lastly about being pregnant at least, I felt unmotivated often due to the exhaustion! I was dead all the time. During labor again, my partner was a big 13 lbs when he was born, (yeah his mom says he almost killed her!) making me have huge babies, so... Skyler was a big 9 lbs and 8oz! When she was born the doctors and nurses couldn't believe how big of a baby a petite woman had! After she was born I kept hearing about it. "You had such a huge baby! But you're so petite!" Anyway, baby Skye and I were both healthy and I had a super healthy pregnancy just like my first one :) That's something I am always proud of. No complications.

Today my big baby girl is 2 months already and it was tough because she would cry a lot at first but now she sleeps better and so does everyone! She was smiling from just days of being born! Like actually smiling at us wide awake. She would, and still does, speaks back when you talk to her. She doesn't do it alone, she baby talks right back to you when she sees you are trying to communicate with her. She has this cute little word she overuses when she baby talks that sounds exactly like she's saying 'rice' in Spanish so that's like "her thing". Raiden absolutely loves her little sister and she's so overprotective of her. Comforting her when she cries, and saying "hi!" to her first thing in the morning when she comes over upon waking up. I guess I worried so much for nothing. They will be amazing sisters I know it. I will make sure to teach them that. My partner is so in love with them and of course so am I. What else can I say? If I felt complete before I feel even better now. I am so thankful with God for allowing me, for gifting me this privilege of being a mom once again and for protecting me all the way through any and all complications. Without Him we are nothing.

Here are some photos I took of my Skye today in celebration of two awesome months! I still have archived some of when she was first home from the hospital. I am not sure if I'll ever post those, also not sure when my next update will be so enjoy! xx

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 Raiden's Christmas Gift 2016
Hi guys, here's to hoping you all had a magical Christmas next to those who truly matter the most. I for sure did aside of mine even though this second pregnancy in its last month is taking all of me. On Christmas eve my little growing family enjoyed a day out. We had breakfast at ihop and it was delicious. Something I always love is that Raiden being so well behaved she always eats all her food. Never has been one to play with it. Afterwards we went out to get her and her baby sibling some clothes since we saw some of our favorite babies/kids stores right near by. They both got some cute and much needed items.With a few more doings we called it a day.

The next day being Christmas we all woke up, and after having Raiden life is just so much happier so we are all in that happy mood no matter what day it is. It helped to have my partner home for so many days. He makes the best breakfast and coffee :) Naturally we had delicious breakfast, watch Raiden's shows and anime. Also as a routine we teach Raiden vowel letters, in Spanish that we have handwritten on cards with different marker colors. We also teach her to count in English and Spanish and she is doing really good. Not only saying it because she's mine but because we put so much time and dedication into her every day learning experiences and they pay off! She's known for months now where and what are her eyes, nose, ears mouth and as a bonus, we are her teeth and tongue. Speaking of she loves to brush her teeth every day looking forward to it back since she only had 4 cute little ones. I wanted to write these things of because I am so proud of our little household and we are so much more than what we decide to share. I want to read back on this and remember all we do and did for our growing girl. We will definitely put the same effort into teaching out littlest one the same and everything we have learned from mistakes.

Oh, also Raiden loves books, and pretends to read them after learning from mommy and daddy as we read them to her. That is something major to me because while I didn't grow up reading or owning actual books growing up, and received my Kinder Paperwhite from my mom years ago, I discovered that amazing magic that's behind reading books after books although digital only. But hey, it's about to be 2017 and that's how things flow nowadays. I love the fact that I can carry over 30 books into one little device and switch between them where I please. Although right now she loves physical copies of books, since she was only a few months old. whatever she decides in the future I will support her most of all motivating her to continue on reading and expanding that amazing mind of hers!

Ever since learning her vowel letters, at only one year old she can point some of them out of receipts and pieces of paper, repeating them constantly. At such an early age, she can say so many words already that we have taught her and many others that she has learned on her own. My favorite thing now is when we are laying down face to face and her cute little fingers point to my eyes and she says "oju, oh ju" implying "eyes" in Spanish, then moves to pointing to my nose and saying "aris, aris" as in "nariz" in Spanish which means nose.

She's an extraordinary toddler and we have definitely not missed the opportunity of teaching her while her absorbing brain is in such an early stage. Which brings me to my next point, for Christmas it was decided to get her a kids tablet, aside from a very cute and girly playing tent. A lot of parents and people that have no absolute idea what is like to be a parent like to point fingers at tablet buyers. I honestly don't care if I am being indirectly or directly criticized because as stated above my daughter has two very responsible and attentive parents right by her side teaching her things from the moment she was born. Now I do not agree people shoving their judgmental believes down others throats. Raiden used to use my iPad when she was very little for the sole purpose of having her very few favorite shows on the go anywhere she wanted. She has a very distinct taste and doesn't truly watch cartoons but rather chooses to watch learning shows with human beings. What a blessing huh? She has learned so much with those shows and I approve of it. My tablet is now super old and it was decided by my partner and I that she could have her own and such age just so she can expand her mind watching even more shows. We got her a tablet that can offer her that and so much more as she grows. She will always have mommy and daddy's learning time and she will always have her books, and alternative learning ways because we strongly believe in teaching her.

For now, she'll only use that tablet to watch her very few favorite shows, she has never been one to watch for many hours. She get tired of whatever she's watching easily moving on to physical activities or simply being calm around mom and dad. But once she's older she will have a freewill to use her devices as desired and knowing her she will know that it will always be there allowing her to put it down whenever and picking it back up when needed.

I don't know what I do to deserve such a bright and mature kid, she's still has her little baby things of course, but I am honestly beyond words proud of my baby girl. She's done and does so much right and although there will always be challenging moments, she has in fact made motherhood easier on me.

Side note; I was never attacked by anyone judgemental personally but there was a need for me to write this. Remember there's always more than what you see on the surface. 2017 is just a few days away and we must move on and get with the times. If you aren't a parent yet, do not judge or criticize those who are and know their kid and their personality. And if you prefer things an certain old fashion way then good for you. Have a good one and thanks for reading :)

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