Hi. I am Lydia, happy owner of Eerie Silence. Here's a little about me.

I absolutely love God, life, music, food and the camera, but really the people that are involved in my life. This is my personal photo journal in which I want you to feel. With entries that are heart felt. The ones that draw more than just my memory back at a moment. My goal is to create an environment where this is possible.

For me there is something fulfilling about taking photographs and falling completely in love with it and the memories it creates. With that being said, photography is crazy important to me, and if for you too, then we're totally going to be a great fit!

AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF
Nikon D750 w/ 24-120mm Lens

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 Contact Form Submissions: Part I
Part number one of what I have considered to make a feature of here at Eerie Silence. Here are a couple of submissions I have gathered since I first enabled the Contact Form found at the top navigation bar. If you have anything you would like to submit, feel free to do so and if you please, add your blog URL too!

Submissions and Answers: Part I

Hi Lydia! First off, I love your blog. Second, do you have any tips or hits for a young blogger? One more thing: Thank you for showing the world your beautiful face and wonderful photography!
Thank you! My tips would be... blog for the right reasons, because you have a passion for it and posting something new is exciting! Think of your spin on things, and how you can do that better than anyone else out there. Never let anyone's horrible comments get you down, as they aren't worth it! Go for what you believe that yourself is capable of.

Have you found mostly positive and friendly? Or have you encountered some mean comments? I've had a couple on my blog recently and it can be quite disheartening!
Thumbs down for negative comments! I always kept my blogs away from ways of getting anonymous submitting hatred. I haven't had to deal with anything horrible being sent to me. I wish to understand, what does an arrogant person wins by doing so? Whenever you receive anything negative just *delete delete delete*! No shame in removing moronic comments from your blog, it's your space!

You are so unbelievably stunning.. like, while looking at your pictures my jaw literally dropped. Such a beauty! xo
I don't ever know what to say to these kinds of compliments, haha! Thank you, I suppose! xx

Is living in the United States expensive?
Yes! There's rent to pay, not that I am in a position to say that, but I know people close to me who struggle and work very hard to get the best of life and live a comfortable one.

What are your favourite 'less heard of' clothes shops (online or not)? I have a big party coming up and I am looking to buy a dress for around $100ish but not sure where to get it, have you got any idea?
Ooh, they have some amazing brands at ASOS. I recently found something beautiful there. Sheinside.com and vjstyle.com sell beautiful cheap things which a lot of bloggers review. I am currently obsessing over their oversized sweaters, but both have a neat selection on dresses too. I guess it depends what kind of thing your party is? Sorry I cant be of more help! Good luck! x

I don't know if this is the right place to say this, but I love your blog. You are absolutely gorgeous and I would honestly love to get to know you better, even though it's probably better I just remain a reader... You are just so photogenic and your photography is breathtaking. Anyway, this is just a random little nothing, I hope you're having/have a wonderful day. c':
Thank you so much! It is the right place as I am currently accepting anything from, questions, concerns and well, even compliments! I am so happy you love my blog as I don't get to update it as often as I wish. After getting this question in my mail, I then realized I didn't know if these senders had blogs and I would love to know so I get a better glimpse of their personalities. You are one of them. I am always open for  a little more than just this. I love getting to know my readers, specially those who love my blog so dearly. It's always magical to read about when someone likes my photography since I always have such a difficult time accepting it. Thank you for making my day! xx

Hi Lydia, do you edit your skin in your photos? Do you have any tips to get it smooth and glowing? And do you have any tips for getting people comfortable posing in front of the camera?
I will remove any existing odd spots if it looks particularly distracting! Which honestly, I have never dealt with acne issues. Other than that, just making the image nice and bright works wonders. I have a simple skin routine which consists of washing my face every other day followed by a face cream to add moisture. I use Bioré products. I do have large pores which don't seem to minimize but I haven't tried anything specifically for it. I use Bioré nose trips which works great for black heads. As for shooting people, I generally try talking to them and making them laugh. It's the best way to get a nice big natural smile :)

Your photos are absolutely beautiful!!! Any tips?
Just think before you snap. Always think 'natural lighting'. Move things in to the best position for the shot and don't be afraid to be bold!


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Looking forward to more updates this year! ;) Xo

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