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 Long Post of Birthday Gifts

With Love from Germany

All these amazing gifts, which have my name written all over them, were sent to me as a birthday gift from Germany by my very dear friend Janine. If you are an old follower of mines it should be no surprise to know that Janine goes overboard with gifts and then she thinks it isn't enough. You would also know she knows me very well, too well and everything she sends in the parcel leaves me in awe. This isn't all she sent. there were some gifts for my boyfriend as well and there was a huge hallow golden Lindt chocolate bear which broke and the only thing left of it is the last image on this post. The chocolate got in many of the things so in case you were wondering why things look "dusty" that's the poor bear's leftovers. In the other hand, she also sent the same bear for my boyfriend and his made it well but he ate it before I could take a photo.

I will try to explain everything I got posted here and everything I don't. All of my gifts were wrapped in Hello Kitty wrapping paper which was so cute. My boyfriend's gifts were wrapped in a different paper that said 'Happy Birthday' continuously. Now to the images,  from the top, there's a letter from Janine were she explains her gratitude for a previous parcel my boyfriend and I sent to her. She explains everything was very her and that makes my boyfriend and I very happy for we had to rush and sent her parcel since we had to part to Virginia. She also explains she's aware of my room being fixed at the moment and she sent in a few small things for me to decorate it with. Inside the envelope, Janine, just as previous times, throws in little magic stars that surprised me as I opened the letter. Also found inside, a cute little wooden owl and Snow White nail art stickers.

I was shocked when I found an amazing chocolate shaped as a camera! How and when could I eat this beautiful chocolate?! It will be too hard to even take a bite *sob*. I love items that involve cameras. In a previous parcel, Janine sent to me a black leather camera bag with a white camera design on the front. It's one of my favorite items. This cupcake, I sometimes wonder if Janine has a certain power she's hiding from us... I remember reading a blog from a girl living somewhere in Europe and she had about three of these super cute cupcakes and all I could do was stare. Now I own one! How could she possibly know I would love this? I know I make it very obvious to like sweets but I honestly wanted one of these cupcakes specifically. Janine, we need to talk about these and payment methods because I would love to collect some more. The cupcake is made out of ceramic and it has a super deliciously scented candle inside. I love that after the candle has been used, the ceramic cupcake could be use to hold things inside. Next we see a mixtape. Can we all take a second to admire the art work for the case? I am in love with it! This is also the second mixtape I get from Janine. I think it's about time I send her one. The very first song is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles. The cover to one of the Kid Cudi songs was also nice as I have never heard it before. I am sure Janine knows I love Kid Cudi. I listened to the CD as I was editing the photos for this post. I like that it gives me a piece of Janine's personality and I can imagine her singing along to the music as she does creative things. She also sent a personalized mixtape to my boyfriend.

I have an Instax Mini camera which my boyfriend gifted to me last Christmas. Janine has sent me some film for it! Film is always a great gift as it is difficult to get for some of us. I am an OPI head and I always keep an eye on all the newest collections. I can't begin to say how perfect the Germany collection is to receive from a friend that in fact lives in Germany. Although it looks like I am wearing black polish because of the photo edit, I am actually displaying 'Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!' How cute is that name? It is like a dark gray with a mix of dark olive green. Below we see a limited edition set of bubble bath, shower creme and a sponge by I Love... Cosmetics. It smells divine! I could almost taste it. Their stuff is so cute. Next my favoritestestestss Oreo cookies ever! Which are only available to me here in the month of November. I had tweeted this exactly on Nov 17th "This is the year I might miss out on getting my favorite Oreos :(" Little did I know this was coming in the mail! Forever grateful! Below is a Google search of the cookies and my photography pops up first! Wow! Then there's two super cute toothpicks with candle wax heart shaped! I want to bake cupcakes now and use these! Below that we see a super cute piñata-looking horse. It came with a paper which I have not yet read and I can't say much about it other than pink it's my favorite color and this horse it's cute. Then I got this amazing lamp thing which when I put the batteries in, it lit up white and I could see stars all over the room. It also has this other button that once pressed it has a light that's changes colors. So yeah, it comes with two lights. A regular white one and a multicolor changing rainbow one. Amazing!

A cute box of the most delicious Lindt chocolates I have ever had. I had tasted Lindt chocolates before but I didn't like them. They were ball shaped and had a softer creamier chocolate inside. These are amazing though. All had a different filling inside that left me wanting more. I ate them as I wrote this post. I am a fan of soft creamy chocolate. Below that we see a super cute Eiffel tower key chain. The first item of the tower I have ever owned. I love it! Last photo, as I had stated before, belongs to the big golden bear Lindt chocolate that didn't made it well. It had to be mine :( It's okay though. My boyfriend was kind enough to share his with me. Also not shown in photos, a Yoshi candy dispenser which I already own but it's Yoshi! I can never have too many Yoshi items! An 16 GB SD card which I will use for videos strictly. Before the parcel she sent something early as I had to wait for this parcel, which she didn't had to sent a thing. She sent an eyeshadow base I had been needing and a set of Poloraid greeting cards I collect.

Janine, to me this felt more like Christmas. There is no doubt you are one creative creature. Something you know I admire about you. Everything anyone else can do for someone you do it ten times better. It is obvious you have taken the time to know me and my personality. I know you have read what I wrote to you on your Instagram before this parcel. Remember how near the end I said something about that came out of the blue and that's when I mean things the most? Well, I don't think this is out of the blue but I sure as hell mean everything I am saying. Perhaps my words lack meaning to what I truly feel. I can't find the right words to describe to you my gratitude. As I type I don't think it's enough. Anyone that surrounds you should consider themselves lucky. I wish I had that privilege. You are a marvelous human being with an enormous heart. Every time I see an elephant I think of you. Then I reconsider how it is said elephants don't ever forget and I believe that even if we were to get lost and not be able to reconnect, you won't ever forget me. I am no elephant but it would be impossible to forget you. Oh, something I have been considering is naming my future little girl, Janine. I have found myself smiling when I hear the name. My ears sort of ring when I hear it. Hard to explain. I would love to learn the German sound of it. A little out of subject but I think it was a good thing to add :) Don't ever feel pressured to send us gifts even if we send you something. We do it just like you, from the heart with good intentions. You mentioned in the letter to let you know about Christmas things to send. No never! I think this makes up for a few years. I am forever grateful of having you in my life and for the gifts you have sent to me which have been many! I am sure there is a world of sentences I would love to say to you. At the moment they words don't flow as I wish so I won't force it.

Again, thank you so very much for everything amazing you have done to me, which is a lot! x


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Blogger Jaimee said on December 3, 2012 at 3:07 AM  

Hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday! Those nail polish colors are so perfect.

Blogger Perpetue Joanne said on December 12, 2012 at 1:13 PM  

Your pictures have me daydreaming :-)

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