Hi. I am Lydia, happy owner of Eerie Silence. Here's a little about me.

I absolutely love God, life, music, food and the camera, but really the people that are involved in my life. This is my personal photo journal in which I want you to feel. With entries that are heart felt. The ones that draw more than just my memory back at a moment. My goal is to create an environment where this is possible.

For me there is something fulfilling about taking photographs and falling completely in love with it and the memories it creates. With that being said, photography is crazy important to me, and if for you too, then we're totally going to be a great fit!

AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF
Nikon D750 w/ 24-120mm Lens

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 Submissions and Answers: Part II
I normally publish these questions anonymously. They do however come in with names. If you would like me to publish your name let me know. I've gathered quite a bunch of questions and compliments sent in to me. I am sorry It's taken me so long to answer them! This isn't all of them but published miscellaneously. I had quite a few repetitive and weird ones! Ha-ha, sorry guys.

Submissions and Answers: Part II

This has to be a silly question buuuut if you were to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone5 which would you choose? 
iPhone all the way. I own various Apple devices, including the iPhone5 itself, and I am very familiarized with the overall system. I am an iPhone lover.

Hey Lydia, just want to know can you post a tutorial on how you edit your photos, because I really like the way you edit your photos, thank you in advance :) 
You know, I am utterly sorry for replying super late. This was one of the very first questions I've received after I published the first set of Q's and A's. Anyway... I tried making a tutorial to be completely honest and I sucked at it. I edit the images depending on the lighting. I am a sucker for natural bright surroundings and I work best with that type of photography. Normally I re-size my images at 1024 px sharpen them and work from there. I sometimes add noise to the images. I know this doesn't help much. I am sorry I couldn't be of more help! Forgive me!

hey love, just wondering, did you make your theme? I love it and I want to know how much you would charge for one.
I've answered this one personally but I want to publish it for everyone who has sent in the same question. I did make my theme and it was very quick to make. Maybe too quick and it has faults. I am thinking on changing it a little bit look soon. I would love to make money out of making themes but I don't always have the time to make one. I don't even think I could exceed everyone's expectations. I'm sorry and thank you so much for your compliments about it!

How long you have been into photographing??
Since I received my camera in June of 2010!

What camera lens you use and editing programme? Your photos are so bright and clean.
I always use 50mm f/1.4 I own other lenses and one in particular are on my wishlist but those never leave my camera. I use Photoshop to edit! My photos aren't exactly as I wish. I am still learning. Thanks!!

 You are a Beautiful and classy girl God has blessed you immensely. Your like a Goddess
This reminds me of my friend M. but I know this isn't him. Thank you. That is a  HUGE compliment. God has given me more than what I think I deserve but he has also taken away lots more and I am thankful for it all. I love Him no matter what because He knows what He's doing. I trust Him.

Where are you missy? I miss your posts so much and you!
I've been away and I've moved to my old house again so It's been hard to keep up with blogging. I had my computer away from me and it was hard to update without it. I even had to put a stop to photography. It made me realize how much I rely on my computer which I've had since 2007! I must take care of it! I am praying to blog more and fill you a bit on my doings and changes as a person.

I love your instagram photos!! Pretty please tell me how do you edit them? Pleasee! your account looks neat and clean
You do? Thanks! I use the following apps, VSCOcam, Squareready, whitagram, DeluxeFX, Afterlight, Picfx and Frametastic.

 Happy birthdayy!!! May this new year be full with joy and you achieve all you most dream of! :]]]]]
I got a couple of birthday wishes, thank you so much! Thanks to everyone else for the rest.
If I had you in my life i would cherish you and take such good care of you i would never want to lose your friendship for anything or anyone in the whole entire iniverse. I knw why i say this.
Woah. This makes me believe you know something more than what I share with everyone... For whatever reason you decided to send in this, I appreciate it dearly. It is such a beautiful message. We can be friends if that's what you wish for. I love making new friends on here.


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