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 Wait! Don't Forget To Make A Wish!

Now blow out your candles Birthday Boy!

On Sunday, August 24, 2014 was my boyfriend's 21st birthday and I made sure I did just about everything, just like I did last year, to assure he felt special. I succeeded once again, yay me! The morning of my sweetheart's birthday he came to visit me where I prepared a huge breakfast for the two of us. He absolutely loves my cooking. While enjoying our breakfast we always chat and look at each other and one can only imagine how cheesy things get. We had the house all to ourselves so this was extremely pleasant. We usually do this quite often and making sure it was done on his special day was no hard job. Last year, for those of you who don't know, I baked an awesome two layer cream filled Oreo cookie cake. It was perfect and beautiful just so representable! I don't have clear photos of it online but I certainly kept one on my phone but I don't feel like posting it here now. The point here is, I was extremely proud of myself and my boyfriend being an Oreo lover, which is why I made it, fell even more in love with me at that point. I am sure after that his mind was made up to marry me one day. Everyone that had a piece of that Oreo cake loved it so much they had to make sure I knew but couldn't believe I made it. Last year I surprised my boyfriend with it all and he just thanked me all day for the gifts and cake. This year I thought it'll be sweeter to bake a cake with him instead of surprising him with one again. I suggested we bake a Hershey's triple chunk brownie with a chocolate chips cookie bottom, which then for better representation we turned over so the cookie was on top. He agreed to it and we went out the day before and got all the ingredients for it. I am happy to say the brownie was a success but what I loved the most was making it with my boyfriend. Mixing it all, making messes, hugging, kissing, tasting and taking photos while doing so... It was so much fun and sweet. While the brownie was baking we both got ready and I died again like I do every once in a while because my boyfriend looked so handsome and he always does, and then we had a "photoshoot", naturally a thing with me. Taking photos with my boyfriend has never been a rehearsed thing and I'm sure I've mentioned it. I just literally set the camera, grab my remote and let it all happen on its own. We communicate, joke, kiss etc. Just get comfortable in our own skin and that's why some photos don't always look the best but I like them because that's just who we are. PS I was barefooted for a change, I've always felt uncomfortable with the formality in my photos. I'm done with all that's done to simply comply with requirements of etiquette that goes for all in life in general. 

After the photos night time arrived and we then went out to eat. My boyfriend absolutely loves loves LOVES pizza and the day before we had just dine at a restaurant so we agreed to change it up and dine at Pizza Hut on the night of his birthday. Also we hadn't had pizza for a while. We've only been there once together and it was with my mom and his uncle on a Sunday after church a long time ago so this made it special. Compared to where we ate the day before we had much more food for less money and Pizza Hut is just so delicious. We shared an Alfredo pasta, bread sticks and a pizza half my choice of toppings and the other half his choice. It's interesting how when we were to eat the pizza we grabbed the choice the other asked for. I told him that's a sign that we complete each other. He smiled and I swear he looks so cute and sexy and handsome when he does. Oh, anyway, after that we went home because I didn't want 12am to come and had never done the whole "happy birthdaayyy to youuu" song to him. We all got around the table and sang it and he gets all red, and shy and doesn't stop smiling it's so cute lol. After the singing we kissed just like last year, I took some more photos and enjoyed a piece of our brownie which was delicious man! We eneded the night cuddling with some episodes of 'Breaking Bad' which we might need to replay next time.

I ask God to bless you this new year you've entered and always. There's no doubt you will achieve all you dream of my love. I will be by your side supporting you as I have been non-stop because I believe in you. I will always be everything to you, just as you are everything to me. While toxic, I wouldn't want it any other way. Te amo mi nene bello.

I love him for so many reasons and I can share one with you... because he makes me push myself hard to become the best me I can be!

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Anonymous Cindy (peeintothewind) said on August 27, 2014 at 1:10 PM  

Happy birthday to your boyfriend! Looks like he had a wonderful time!


Blogger Lydia said on August 29, 2014 at 2:49 AM  

Hi! Thank you so much from the both of us. Also appreciate your regular visits to my journal! Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous Jewel said on October 3, 2014 at 4:28 AM  

You guys are so kawaii! With every picture, I was smiling more and more. <33

Blogger Lydia said on October 3, 2014 at 11:33 AM  

Oh what a sweet surprise to have you reading my entry. Hehe, I'm glad you think so. At times I think we are too serious or even might look boring since we don't stage our photographs. Thank you!

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