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 This is a pregnancy announcement post

One too many double cheeseburgers and/or I am 20 weeks pregnant today. Could go either way.

It is a fact. I am with child! I have been slacking for this very reason. (More than usual) For a good reason. Only posting a few photos on Instagram and liking a bunch of baby photos and food. I just couldn't keep it a secret secret, and when I have such a HUGE secret I can't seem to think of anything because all I seem to think about is my secret. That, and how much food has taken over me.

I found out just ten days before my birthday. Esteban had actually been very sure I was pregnant for some weeks. I was eating a lot and there were some very obvious changes in me that someone who's always by my side and knows me so well could've easily notice. Also, that guy, so in tune with my fertility.

Anyway, I took a test in the bathroom after being pressured by the thought ten days days before my birthday. Even though I was FOR SURE GETTING MY PERIOD GUYS.

I remember my heart beating really fast as I sat on the toilet waiting for the test to turn.

Editors note: This is where I give the finding out details right? I mean, I won't be upset if you skim through and really just came here to see how round I am getting.

I wasn't nervous that I was pregnant and nervous that I wasn't because then Esteban would be so bummed and I really hate seeing his disappointed face. For this I stayed in a neutral state of mind because I am known to get a little upset when my expectations are not met. I am working on it.

I looked at the test with super wide eyes and my first words/thoughts about my child were "oh my God." Yeah, predictable. My heart was fast pounding and I thought the test wasn't reading right. I did another test, because you know how can you trust just one at home pregnancy test right? And my second words about my child where "oh shit." Mother of the year already.

I go to the shaking weepy daddy to be to show him the results and his eyes were so big, usually they are so so tiny. He hugged me and he teared up. We rejoiced and I had a panic attack then I was happy and cried and then panicked again and then proceeded to talk about this because a miracle that it was.

Extremely personal note: In my family there have been aunts who have died because of menstruation problems, (sorry I lack the proper condition term) other who are alive but can't have children because they no longer have the organs required for such process. Since I first menstruated, my circle was never ever normal. One time I didn't even get it for close to a year. My family was extremely worried. After many visits to the doctors it was expected I would probably never be able to me a mom. It's something I never really processed because it was a possibility that I didn't know what love truly was and I never even cared to be a mom. Let alone care about marriage. When I met Esteban, that was still a strong mindset... But not for long. He managed to teach me what love truly is. I thought I knew but I had no idea. I didn't know how far you are capable of for someone. I then fantasize about our future home, I even scared myself. I imagined our wedding, children? I then had to rethink everything. Who am I? I then came to senses that I really, really loved this beautiful human being more than I have ever loved in my life. To an extend I didn't know existed. Who am I? I am someone who's truly happily in love and free.

Esteban is beside himself. That man, he is going to be the best dad. He has taken such good care of me, more so than the usual, and the usual is ridiculously the top. He is just amazing.

Our baby is a miracle. Our baby more than anything is a blessing. Us, as parents to be, have felt everything throughout out this pregnancy but it's nothing I could've ever ever imagined. It's so surreal and magical when it's happening to you personally. Going to the first appointment and being able to hear those extremely fast and beautiful baby heart beats, feeling those first flutters always had me teary eyed and now when we both can feel those little kicks we gasp with joy and I cry and laugh every time. It's a mixture of emotions that you would have to experience yourself to understand. Only those who really want it of course.

I will stop there for now so I don't overwhelm you, but a little baby will be coming at you May 27th, or you know, sometime around that date. will make a different post to talk more in depth about my body changes and how is the baby and more about the pregnancy in general. So there's that.

(Disclaimer; not our best photos we know.  It was 4:00 am on New Years and we had terrible yellow lighting and red tired eyes.)

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Blogger Darianne said on January 8, 2015 at 12:15 AM  

AHHHHHH so cute <3

Blogger Disa Chantel said on January 8, 2015 at 11:57 AM  

Congrats, Lydia! I've been following your blog since your days on Tumblr, and I've always admired how you've opened up your life to your readers. I'm so glad you've found happiness and your own cozy family, especially after the troubles you've had in the past. You deserve all the best!


Blogger Lydia said on January 8, 2015 at 1:16 PM  

Thank you very much! I still can't believe I have readers since I've become such a terrible blogger. I really appreciate you reading my blog still. Thank you thank you for everything :)

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