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 Colorful Five Layer Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

I remember when this type of cake was the thing some years ago. I was active on Tumblr at the time re-blogging cutesy photos. That's really a couple of years ago! At the time it seamed like it was such a complicated cake to make to me. Then it became the only cake I wanted. Gosh, you have no idea how bad I wanted my own rainbow cake. Then I saw cupcakes as well and I was in love. I wanted a rainbow cake for a birthday or just because. Eventually I gave up on it. See, at the time in my house we had a brand new stove but shortly after only a few uses the oven stopped working and there wasn't much mom could do at the time and she just gave up on getting it fixed. So pretty much, even attempting to make a rainbow cake was not an option.

*I am not here to teach you how to do it. Now living in my own home many many years later I finally decided to give it a try. I bought a set of pans, which are the perfect size because me living alone with my boyfriend a huge layer cake would've been too much and it still came out pretty high! I've been wanting to make it for weeks! It took me long to finally get up and make it. I was indecisive about an ombre cake of a certain color, or a 6 layer rainbow cake or just a five layer one which wouldn't be necessarily rainbow. I went with the last one and decided to keep the ombre cake for an actual special occasion. Maybe my daughter's birthday?

For this cake specifically I used one box of cake mix and divided it in equal portions. For five cakes I filled all pans (6 in. dia. x 0.75 in. high) with exactly the 3/4 cup individually, which before placing in a bowl I had fun adding food dye drops to my liking to get the colors I desired. I then baked all cakes for only 10 mins because of their size they were done pretty quickly. Some raised so I had to cut and even them out after I cooled them. I then proceeded to the icing! I know that for these types of cakes the best frosting is buttercream which I had a homemade bowl in the fridge I had made a few days ago, but I decided to buy a cream cheese frosting from the grocery store because I didn't make much. After stacking my cakes I did one thin layer of frosting all over the cake first and put it in the fridge for some good minutes so when I frost it completely it would look neater. But of course, it's very hot today and the frosting wasn't at its best consistency, and I know this is the reason why the recommend buttercream since it is creamier so my cake loop sided after I frosted it. After the frosting my cake was done and regardless of how uneven I made it I was super happy with how it came out. Not perfect but for it being my first time I think I did pretty darn good and in person it looks amazing. Mom had the first piece I cut and she loved it :)

Now changing the subject, I am past my due date and my daughter is not here yet! Hurry up baby daddy and mommy want to see you pretty girl!!

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Blogger Alissa said on May 30, 2015 at 6:13 AM  

Lydia! So good to see you blog again. This cake is too pretty to eat. I wanna try making them too.

Blogger Lydia said on September 24, 2015 at 3:40 PM  

I meant to reply a while back but my blog wasn't allowing me. Today seems to be working again so, thank you!!

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